The New Structured Wiring

New? Yes, I would say new. With the evolving technologies it is time to rethink structured wiring.

This essay I take a look at the current state of HDTV devices and how that could influence the pre-wiring required in a new future proofed home.

Complete essay: The New Structured Wiring

3 Responses to “The New Structured Wiring”

  1. kadyn Says:

    Nice article thanks for sharing!

  2. Orlando Structured Wiring Says:

    It’s an older article, but i’m glad that in 2005 people like you were thinking about using Fiber amongst other things. There are all kinds of devices and systems that can take advantage of the crazy high bandwidth that a fiber connection can provide. 1080p streaming would be one of them, and even 4k streaming when it becomes mainstream.

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