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One of the handy features of our HDTV sets these days is the PIP feature. It can also be a pain in the neck getting it to work. Here is a discussion on the setup of various installations that should get your PIP feature working for you.

A Discussion on PIP

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  1. htmljohn Says:

    The above discussion is great but focuses on 2 tvs, in 2 rooms etc.
    I currently have a dishnet dvr (dual tuners) and am using it with 1 tv a sony wega (27″). PIP is so simple, even a new born can operate it.

    Now I am transitioning to directv with their dvr r22. PIP doesn’t seem to be available (on a single TV). How difficult is it to activate this function?

  2. Tom Says:

    I am currently using cable for my TV’s, and I’ve been considering changing to a dish. Giving up my PIP is not an option. From what is written here, I may as well just stick with Charter and avoid a hassle.

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