Hooking Up A PC to A HDTV

The question of hooking up a PC to a HDTV comes up often and the subject has many twists and turns depending on the video card in the computer, the type connection, DVI, VGA, component, etc., and the type HDTV and its associated video connections. This essay is intended to be a starter for those that wish to make the PC to HDTV connection.

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7 Responses to “Hooking Up A PC to A HDTV”

  1. wreckless Says:

    great info i have just got a panasonic 37″ and needed to know what port to use on the tv as it has both vga and hd will try vga first as this is easy to connect will let you know how i get on

  2. geraldz Says:

    This article is about 2 years old and probably a bit dated. Almost all new HDTVs are equipped with “pc input” which is compatible with a standard PC VGA/SVGA monitor output. The VGA/SVGA has “plug and play” capability (or EDID) so your graphics controller will usually know what is connected to it. Your best resolution available is greatest of the two common supported resolutions on both your PC and HDTV.

    Although the VGA/SVGA connection is analog, not digital, it supports full high-definition imaging and works great. And almost all laptops have this interface. You can even get a specialy VGA/SVGA cable that comes with built-in audio. PCTVCables.com

  3. jcontex Says:

    The problem with the newer HDTV’s with PC inputs, you’re stuck using an inferior analog VGA signal. I have found a product that gives you true HD video at 720p, and digital audio through HDMI. It uses basic software to take both video and audio from the PC’s USB port, and outputs a full digital, Hd signal via HDMI to the HDTV. Here’s a link to the products manufacturer’s website. It’s called the HD Cinema. So far I’ve found very little to complain about, it’s been working great. Great to watch streaming movies.


  4. Tv for pc Says:

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  5. Jane Johnson Says:

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  6. Reg Cure Says:

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  7. Marcus Parkey Says:

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