Got HDMI/DVI Connection Problems?

  Got HDMI/DVI Connection Problems?
Got HDMI/DVI Connection Problems?

Got HDMI/DVI Connection Problems? Are you having issues with HDMI or DVI connecting. This little device may be just what the HDTV doctor oredered. Connect this between the source and the display that is giving you fits not connecting due to a EDID failure and hopefully you will be good to go.

Got HDMI/DVI Connection Problems?

From the amazon page:
The DVI Detective is a new device that reads and stores a computer’s digital video information (EDID) in order to simplify the installation process for users who are extending a digital projector or plasma display away from the computer. Once installed and connected, the DVI Detective continually transmits the EDID to the computer, essentially “tricking” the computer into thinking that the video is present, even when it is not connected. The user can then disconnect the display, place it in a remote location and reconnect it, without rebooting the operating system. The entire installation process benefits from the DVI Detective, which utilizes a much smaller cable that requires fewer connections; it makes life easier for those extending digital displays or projectors. An inconspicuous device that weighs less than three pounds, the DVI Detective connects to the ADC or DVI port on one side, and to a DVI extension module or cable on the other. It works with all digital displays (DVI) as well as Apple’s line of flat panel displays (ADC)..


This could solve a lot of HDMI/DVI issues especially with HTPCs where every time you select the PC input it fails to connect.
Note: You will need DVI to HDMI cables or adapters for HDMI devices and you will need to hook up the audio separately with analog red-white cables. The sound won’t suffer because the speakers in TVs are stereo anyway. Now for those people that are connecting a surround receiver I would put the box between the surround receiver and the PC after doing the memorizing operation with the box hooked directly to the TV. Also hook up the audio from the source with the optical audio connection to the surround receiver if your surround receiver is just a HDMI pass through type.


Also if you are using HDMI all the way, you would use the HDMI version. From the HDMI version Product Description:
Computers and HDTV video source devices can sometimes lose the EDID - basically the electronic identification of a display which lists its possible resolutions and frequencies. When displays are switched away or disconnected and then reconnected, the EDID can be lost and the computer or HD video source device can lose the ability to display the image properly.The Gefen HDMI Detective Plus allows you to switch or relocate HDTV or computer video displays while “tricking” the source devices into continuously reading the display information - maintaining smooth video operations throughout the process.
Got HDCP Connection Problems?

9 Responses to “Got HDMI/DVI Connection Problems?”

  1. Dorian Kracht Says:

    Apple has catch up issues with exactly this situation right now. They will sell the cables with their new, proprietary micro DVI output to old DVI adapter & DVI to HDMI adapter cable by Belkin, the problem is their proprietary chip that is in their micro DVI to regular DVI adapter doesn’t recognize that you are not running HD video. Result: Sure, you can hook it all up, including the separate line for audio but on the so called “handshake” when the chip gets the initial query from the computer which device is hooked up (in my case a 27″ Polaroid flat screen), my MacBook Air screen turns grey for a moment and then - nothing! No signal transfer to the big screen TV. Today the technicians at the “genius” bar told me that it is a question of reconfiguring the software in all new MacBooks that have this micro DVI output, so the chip will let the signal through. Meanwhile, I’m sitting on $150,- worth of cables I can’t use…typical Apple!

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  3. TubeJunkie65 Says:

    Will a standard old HDMI cable from work for connecting a MAC Book Pro to a 1080p Samsung Plasma TV with an HDMI cable input?

  4. admin Says:

    If the MAC Book Pro has a HDMI output it may work. The MAC will probably need to be able to support a HDTV resolution like 1080i or 1080p (if the HDTV supports 1080p) in order to allow the TV to work with the MAC.

  5. Computer compatibility/ TV issue - High Def Forum - Your High Definition Community & High Definition Resource Says:

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  8. Roxy Shepheard Says:

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