U-verse Voice Service

I got this installed yesterday and thought others might like to know what is involved with this.

The service tech showed up with the new UPS they use for the RG.  It is a propritery UPS built by Belkin that will only provide power for the RG.  There are not any other power connections available.  The tech said the power would keep the RG running for 4 hours after a power failure.

So the UPS is installed in place of the existing RG power block (I retained the block in case the UPS should fail) and a jumper cord is connected between the appropriate jack on the RG and a unused telephone jack for the house.  The feed jumper from the existing AT&T analog service is removed in the service box and that’s it. 

A call to AT&T has to be made by the tech to enable the switch on their end and vola! the service is switched.  Same phone number in most cases.

Next the tech used my laptop to set up my voice mail mailbox.  This is a pretty neat service in that in addition to being able to access your messages via any phone, you can also access the messages via a computer online.  Even play the messages through the computer speakers.  You can delete messages online also.

There are a lot of additional features available online such as calling up a call log where you can view all of your incoming calls and outgoing calls.  You can even click on a call link beside a number in the list and the system will call it and ring your house phone.  Pretty slick. 

So far I think the switch will prove to be a great deal.

2 Responses to “U-verse Voice Service”

  1. Marc Ferricci Says:

    Richard - Have you had the opportunity to notice whether or not your call-waiting caller ID is working? Mine does not. I talked to AT&T about this they said this is a known problem in some areas. They told me there are some newer phones where the inbound caller ID is displayed while in another call. They wouldn’t furnish me with a list but I think they were willing to confirm if a specific model was copacetic. I have mostly have some V-tech 5.8Ghz phones with a few older wired phones - none work.


  2. admin Says:

    Mine works on the phones, but not on the TV yet.

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