Analog No More? Or is it?

Well the long awaited date has come and gone for the analog cutoff. I woke up this morning to find, as expected, my ATSC tuner saying “NO SIGNAL” because not only did the analog go away for the station I was tuned to, but because that particular station reverted their digital frequency to their prior analog frequency.

That is the reason everyone is saying to rescan your channels on your ATSC tuner.

So I did just that and to my surprise I have several new digital stations and several analog stations still broadcasting! One of the analog channels is our Houston NBC affiliate that chose to keep their digital UHF channel rather than revert back to channel 2. Thanks to PSIP information it really was not necessary as I still punch up channel 2 even though they actually broadcast on channel 35.

Channel 2 analog though is still broadcasting! It is running a continuous loop of information about converting to a ATSC tuner with a crawl that says you will need to do something to keep receiving TV signals. I don’t know how long they are going to keep this up, but it seems like a good service for those that ignored, perhaps through ignorance, the cutoff.

Also, there were several other analog channels still operational. None are major stations and I don’t know how long they will still be operating as analog. A bit interesting since I thought analog would be history.

2 Responses to “Analog No More? Or is it?”

  1. Daniel Greene Says:

    I was also surprised to find 10 analog channels in Phoenix the day after the switch, and even a week later! Oh, well. And I didn’t find any new digital channels, either. Just sharing my experience to corroborate with yours. =)

  2. George K Says:

    The only analog TV stations left would be a limited time on what are called “nightlight” signals to inform any “sleepyheads” about how to convert to digital and also the class of TV stations that are Low Power, LPTV stations have more time to switch.

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