Plasma vs LCD - The Next Format War?

Ever noticed this seems to be Format War II? People post inquiries on forums about LCD sets and within minutes they get a reply suggesting the poster should get a plasmas instead. Then the threads are deluged with posts about why plasma is superior to LCDs. They quote how misleading statements and facts have tainted the plasmas. LCD proponents don’t seem to jump on plasma inquiries in the same manner. Maybe since LCDs are selling so well they don’t feel they have to proselytize like plasma proponents do.

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13 Responses to “Plasma vs LCD - The Next Format War?”

  1. Daniel Greene Says:

    Don’t you think that LED TVs will render this format war obsolete within the next few years?

  2. admin Says:

    It could happen once the price of them comes down. If you have a good light controlled room, plasmas can not be beat for the price, but in most living rooms the LED backlit LCDs without the reflective finger shield would be preferable, imo. Seems like there are many more locations that can make a better location for LCD HDTVs than there are for plasmas. Just my opinion.

  3. jim center Says:

    I posted a message in the high def forum, are you still monitoring that site?


  4. admin Says:


  5. MPEG-0 Says:

    I’m a subscriber to HT magazine, and I agree with most of your opinions regarding LCD vs. Plasma - all except the last item. You seem to believe that pix quality/viewing angle isn’t much of an issue with the LCDs. While I’d agree that there’s no point watching an HDTV at 60 degrees off-center, most of HT’s LCD reviews cite significant degredation of the pix at much smaller angles. One reviewer said that moving one cushion to the left or right on his couch adversely affected the image. Unfortunately, it’s the premium LCDs (the ones with the LED backlighting and stiff pricing) that seem to suffer the most with off-axis viewing.

  6. admin Says:

    I will say that many of the LCDs I’ve seen do have the issue of degrading off axis, but there are also many where this is slight at 45 degrees even. If the idea is to have as good a picture as possible then one should consider a light controlled room and plasma. The reviewers would be derelict if the were to say there was no change from cushion to cushion, but saying there is a difference and saying the picture has deteriorated beyond usability are two different things. That’s what I meant to convey.

  7. 3LCD Says:

    The one thing I have not been able to ignore about LCD’s is the fact that they look almost unnatural whne watching HD motion pictures. My wife’s family has a high end Samsung 120hz LCD and It looks fantastic on everything except movies. While watching a night scene on “The Outlaw Josey Wales” the characters in a low light scene appeared to have a glow around almost as if by Grace. very annoying and it turned me right off of the technology. I currently only have a lowly Sony Grand Wega IV 3LCD RP and the picture quality on movies is, at least in my eyes, clearly superior to any LCD sets that I have watched to this point. My set also shows SD content at very consistantly high level and that was a major reason for my choosing this technology. Of course it has had its own issues but after a LE swap under warranty mine still provides an excellent picture. If LCD’s do not improve in this area then Plasma will be my next choice without a doubt. : )

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