Noel Lopez Asks:

I have TVs hooked to U-Verse. I want to add a small TV to the backyard patio, so I’d like to know how to split a signal into this new TV.

I rather have it be able to show it’s own channel while watching a different channel inside the house. But I don’t mind having the same channel.

I tried using coax but I learned that it does nothing.

I connected A/V cables (red,white,yellow) from a receiver to the new tV, and it worked but it shows the same channels as the original tv. The AV cables are relatively short, and can’t run it all the way out to the patio (25 or so feet away). Is there another option?

Please let me know thank you!

U-verse does not send modulated RF signals via the coax like analog cable does, so that is why it will give you nothing. The signal is a digital data stream that requires a receiver to decode it to video, so to do what you want to do, it will require the addition of another set top box from U-verse.

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