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I have been researching getting OTA reception on my property and have a unique situation. We live in a very rural location that is approx 40 to 50 miles from the closest towers. The terrain is very hilly and wooded. The property is over 100 acres in eastern KY. Our driveway comes off a ridge at 1100 feet above sea level and has a good signal path, but the house sits at 920′ and has almost no signal. The distance is around 3000′ from the optimal antenna location to the house. I can run RG6 and used to be a lineman so running the line is not a problem. I also have a/c at the antenna site because of a barn with electrical lights. Is it possible to install a strong antenna like a Winegard HD 8200 and add a amplifier to boost the signal strong enough to reach the house.

Sure it is. I would use rg11 for the long run though. I would suggest looking up the losses for rg11 to see how much amplification you may need. If this is not within your ability, it may be good to ask for additional help here: Local HDTV Info and Reception. The forum is easy to join and we have many professional installers that can help.

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