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Many people have ask me to add some illustrations to the Bars, Bars and More Bars essay I had written earlier. I decided the format of that work would not work like I wanted, so I decided to come up with a new work to discuss the subject. I recommend the reading of Bars, Bars and More Bars as well.

This new essay will delve into the various picture formats you can expect on your HDTV.

From the essay:
People new to the world of HDTV sometimes have a difficult time knowing what they are watching. Truth is the picture quality can vary all over the map depending on many factors all along the way from the source to your TV set. In the following article I will delve into the various issues that create the pictures on your HDTV screen….

For complete article see: HDTV Pictures

7 Responses to “HDTV Pictures”

  1. cheesemob Says:

    how do i get rid of those gray side bars?

  2. Rolph Harry Says:

    Seems that you are completely right!!11 I will quote this in my private forum to argue with people…

  3. 3DTV Says:

    This is what I call proper research!!Great job.Even non geeks are able to follow this..

  4. Evan Vizio Says:

    It bugs me to see people with a widescreen TV showing SD content in a stretched form… ’cause it’s a bigger picture’. arrgg. Dump SD, go BluRay. Get the Vizios… they’re awesome and cheap!

  5. Michael Says:

    Just THANK YOU! Your info is great and I appreciate it.

  6. Miranda Says:

    I am a subscriber to DISH network services, and I am also an employee. I think that majority of people have would have to agree that the picture in HD is much more clearer than it is in SD. Now that I have seen HD, I hate when I see SD because of the way it looks semi grainy

  7. Nate Says:

    I have been searching around for a solid answer on this and the last picture example I found on this site shows the problem. Full screen letter boxed HD. This really bugs the hell out of me. Seems like an HD ripoff. Why should we have to use a TV function to zoom the picture to fit the HDTV? If I pay for HD it should be broadcast at a minimum of 720P or best at 1080i to fit my screen pixel for pixel with no button presses from me. This has to be the dumbest broadcast choice used. I have U-Verse and am watching the race at Mid Ohio on Speed HD with black bars all around. Now I can zoom the image to remove the bars which means the image will be zoomed to look less HD yet it will maintain the proper aspect ratio. I assume there is just very limited content that is actually recorded in full 16:9 HD at 720P or 1080i or they are just skimping. I think the best looking HD content is on the main networks delivered free OTA. I don’t remember any prime time shows being boxed in like on U-Verse or any of the other cable/SAT providers. Glad I don’t have a plasma to have to deal with burn in.

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