Remote Control Extenders

Sometimes it is desirable to be able to hide equipment in an equipment cabinet or equipment closet and the problem of how to make the remote controls work comes up. There are two basic methods of dealing with this, hardwired equipment or RF extenders.

The most popular hard wired system for remote control extenders is made by Xantech and is available here: Xantech Kit

The kit, priced at under $100, basically consists of a sensor that is placed near your TV in a location that allows your IR remote to be seen by it. Then there is a connection block, which is a fancy terminal block that has plug in jacks for the power supply and IR emmiters. The emmiters are placed on the equipment to be controlled with double sided tape. The wiring is simple, requiring the 40 foot sensor cable to be run to the connection block located in the equipment cabinet. The power supply is plugged into an outlet and into the power jack on the connecting block and finally the emmiters are plugged into the connecting block and attached to the equipment, or in front of them on the shelf.

The second type of system is a RF extender. An example of this is here: RF Remote Extender

Basically a transmitter that recveives your remote’s IR signals and transmitts them to the receiver located in your equipment cabinet. The receiver will have IR blasters to control your equipment.

Also if the remote control you use has a RF transmitter built in like many of the Logitech Harmony remotes do, there may be a RF extender available to work with the remote. One such example of a remote and extender is here:
Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote Control
Logitech® Harmony® RF Wireless Extender

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