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I had a contact made by TendonUSA about testing and reviewing their cables. They make a fairly extensive line of audio, video and computer cables, so I sent an email reply outlining the cables I would test. In a few days the cables arrived and I must say at the onset, I was surprised at the quality and professional packaging considering their low cost.

First the construction is first class. The terminals are all gold plated and the connector shells are all molded with ample gripping surfaces. I was pleasantly surprised that these cables would be of such high quality, which I would place up there with the Monster brand. I know, I know Monster has a reputation of being some high priced cables, but you do have to give them their due as far as quality goes. The TendonUSA cables are right up there in the quality department at a much lower price.

About TendonUSA
According to their website the cables are designed in the USA and built overseas in ISO-9001 certified factories. They also feature 100% testing of each cable manufactured. Each individual cable is tested a minimum of 3 times. Once after the soldering and/or crimping sequence, once after the overmolding process, and once after coiling (just prior to packaging) to insure the highest quality. The cables are 100% guaranteed and they say they will replace any failed cable with no questions asked, even if you break it.

Product Line
TendonUSA has a product line that should pretty well handle anything you will need for hooking up a home theater system and/or computer system. The general product categories are:

Audio Cables
This group includes the coax digital, optical digital, stereo audio, subwoofer and A/V (stereo audio plus composite video) cables in lengths from 3.3 feet (1 meter) to 13.1 feet (4 meters) depending on the cable.

Video Cables
This group includes coax (75 ohm) video, composite (RGB) video, S-video, and A/V (stereo audio plus composite video) cables in lengths from 3.3 feet (1 meter) to 13.1 feet (4 meters) depending on the cable.

HDMI and DVI Cables
These groups include HDMI to HDMI, DVI to DVI and DVI to HDMI with the DVI available in DVI-D and DVI-I cables in lengths from 3.3 feet (1 meter) to 16.4 feet (5 meters) depending on the cable.

Firewire (IEEE-1394)
This group includes both the 6 pin to 4 pin and the 6 pin to 6 pin cables.

USB and Ethernet
These groups offer a complete array of USB and Ethernet cables.

What can I say here other than they just work and work well. I particularly like the large molded color inlay that makes it very easy to identify in low light installations, like behind an entertainment center or A/V closet. I also appreciate the large molded ends on the RCA terminations that are easy to plug and unplug. Their unique design is such that they are sort of an oval shape that allows close connections in one direction, yet large enough to grab when multiple cables are in a close cluster. Also they have color coded all of their cables differently for easy identification.

Compared to cables that unscrew at the connectors, these cables are an installer’s dream. No more trying to twist the connector for removal only to have the cap unscrew! I particilarly like that.

Cables Tested
I was sent a 3 foot HDMI cable, a 3 foot DVI-D cable, a 3 foot DVI-I to HDMI cable, A 3 foot component cable and a 3 foot A/V cable.

Product Availability
The TendonUSA cables are available via the internet at several internet retailers as well as their website www.tendonusa.com. I recommend amazon.com and have included some of the popular cable links for purchase through amazon.


3 feet

13 feet

13 Feet

6.6 Feet
Component Video

3 Feet

6 feet

13 feet
Audio & A/V

3 Feet

14.8 Feet

3 Feet

6.6 Feet

6.6 Feet
Computer Cables

15 Feet

6 pin to 6 pin 15 Feet

Male-Male Cat6 25 Feet

6 Feet

15 Feet

Male to Male Cat6 3 Feet

Male to Male Cat6 14 Feet

6.6 Feet


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