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Pappylap a frequent contributor over at the High Def Forum posted a really good start on Frequently Asked Questions by people new to the HDTV scene. I asked if it would be ok to repeat as a start of such a page here on the blog and he agreed. So here goes.

(1) Help me decide which one to buy?……..
This question simply begs all forum members to toot their own horn in regard to the set they own and are happy with…Satisfied Toshiba and Sony owners are going to suggest their sets and of course happy Panasonic, Pioneer and Samsung owners are going to trumpet they have the best…..So all this question does is get you 10 different suggestions from 10 different owners…

(2) Is 720p as good as 1080i?…….
Now anyone with even a hint of knowledge in the HD market knows that they are virtually the same and I bet that there isnt one among us who can sit in front of a display and tell you if its being accepted as a 1080i or a 720p signal…

(3) Is 1080p that much better or worth the extra you pay for it…
This is completely subjective and is up to the viewer… I personally see that with 1080p graphics are clearer and I can read them much more easily on a 1080p set. I only recommend 1080p if the buyer has or is going to purchase in the near future a Blu-ray or Hd-Dvd player as those and the current gaming machines are the only way to recieve a 1080p signal…It has also been pointed out when your 1080p set is being used also as a computer monitor it makes a big difference in image quality as you can set your PC to output at 1920X1080….

(4) Can you give me some settings for my new HD set?
It has been pointed out on this forum countless times that individual settings for one set are not going to translate to another set for a number of reasons…..No two sets are identical although they role off the same assembly line they are inherently different….No two viewing enviroments are exactly alike and your set needs to be calibrated to compensate for the amount of ambient light around it…..

(5) Is Plasma or LCD better?…
Again individual home enviroment and personal preference are whats important here …It has been shown that Plasmas produce better blacks and better blacks result in better contrast ratio and more detail in shadow areas…Plasmas give a more cinematic feel to movie viewing but not the same I’m in the room with the combatants in a UFC title match that you get with the new 120hz LCDs…

(6) Can my new Plasma suffer burn in and do I need to follow a breakin procedure?….
This is a welcome question in that it shows that new buyers are paying attention and are now at least aware that they should be a little cautious with their new purchase….the Answer is Yes and Yes… 99% of forum members will agree that some care should be given to a new plasma during the first couple hundred hours of operation. No 4-3 or letterbox programing …no static logos, as a consistant high contrast image left on for several hours can still result in a burn in image..

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