MyHD Card Setting Suggestions

What I was going to tell you was some configuration issues you probably want to set right away:

  • The Configuration Main Menu is available by clicking on the trianlgle pointing to the right that is located in the lower right corner of the transport graphic display.
  • To scan for your stations the icon is located in the dead center of the configuration menu. You will need to scan for channels and set up your favorites. I put all of the main channels (eg. 2-1,11-1) into the favorites so when the favorites input is selected those are the channels selected.
  • To bring up the channel list menu by clicking on the icon in the center, the one circled here:

    That will yield this menu:

    Now here you should make sure the Ant that the antenna is connected to is checked as shown here. Next do a scan. You can do an Auto Scan for both analog and digital. Next I would recommend setting up all of the digital stations you wish to view in the favorite list. Once this is set up you will want to select the Favorite as your input. At that point only the channels entered in your favorites will be viewable when Favorite is the input, but any channel will be accessable via the Ant 1 or 2 input. I put more info here on my blog: Wiley Asks:
  • To call up the configuration menu click on the icon at the lower right of the configuration main menu. It has a wrench symbol.
  • Disk location for recordings is defaulted to C:/ I use a folder on a different drive. You probably will want to create a folder for your recordings rather that having them on the root of the C drive. To change the location go into the configuration software and select the Capture tab. The disk location is in the second box
  • File size is defaulted to a small size to accomodate the Windows 98 operating system. I recommend increasing the file size to at least 30,000 MB so up to 3 hours will be in a single file. With the smaller size the program will be broken into multiple files. A single file is desirable should you wish to use an editor such as VideoReDo to remove commercials. I do that often on movies I want to save. To set this size click on the Detail Options box. That will call up another menu where the File Size is set. While in here you might want to check the Capture Sub-channel Only box. Left unchecked will record not only the main sub-channel, but all of the sub-channels. Usually only the main sub-channel will want to be recorded.
  • Audio Output is defaulted to Analog Cable Out and you will want to uncheck that and check the PC Soundcard. That selection is available under the AV tab.
  • Resolution should be set to whatever resolution your TV matches. This is also under the AV tab. Also the aspect ratio is selected here, probably want to be sure it is set to 16:9.
  • Output Format is defaulted to RGB for VGA. If you are going to use component cables then you will want to select YPbPr.
  • Under the VGA tab you want to check out the options available. These should be set based on how you want the system to operate. For example, I uncheck the Clip Mouse Cursor to Overlay in HD mode so I can gain access to everywhere on the desktop while I am using my laptop to control the software via VNC. Also the bottom parameter is where the website used for the guide. It defaults to, but titantv has added a beginning screen. I changed this to so the grid is called up. To use this you will need to exit the HD mode so the PC video is on your TV.
  • Under the Timeshift tab you can set the location where you want the timeshift buffer if you use it. Also the setup for the timeshift function is here.

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