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To hell with realplayer which is spyware. Try this as it WILL play everything including HD - http://www.codecguide.com/features_mega.htm That is K-Lite Mega Codec pack and it is the best. You also want to download this as it replaces the problematic and spyware Quicktime and it integrates into K-lite - http://www.codecguide.com/download_qt.htm

Now this will do all that you need and you can uninstall any real player and quick time that you have.

Hope this helps.


http://www.sagetv.com/hd_theater.html SageTV HD Theater media player.

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Panasonic Hotel Mode

It’s easy to access this mode so for the heck of it, i just tried the procedure on my 46G10 and it does have a Hotel Mode menu, including a Max Volume setting.

I would go to a store that allows you to hold the remote and see if you can put the model(s) you’re interested into Hotel Mode. Or have someone here who owns a particular model try it on his own TV for you.

You just hold down the -V button on the side of the TV then press the Input key on the remote 3 times and the Hotel Mode menu should appear on the screen. To exit, simply press the Return or Exit key on the remote.


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Article on codecs and playing HDTV content on a PC
Teleview RF ATSC modulator cards: DTV PCI Cards
Hardware decoders: http://www.engadgethd.com/2007/06/04/broadcom-launches-new-dedicated-hd-decoding-hardware-for-media-p/
TiVo http://www.weaknees.com/
Monitor InfoMonInfo
I use the VCN software. It is free and allows me to have the HTPC monitor, keyboard and mouse operations on my laptop.

The software is available here: Free Edition

Basically you load the server software (blue icon) on the HTPC computer connected to the TV. It works best to include the server software in the startup folder.

Then on the laptop you use the viewer software (green icon) to control the HTPC.

The only real setup you need to do on the server is to enter a password for connection. You also need to allow access to the server which may mean bypassing any firewall software to allow the external laptop to gain control of the HTPC, but that would be true of any software that is going to control the HTPC via the ethernet port. I just disable my firewall in the HTPCs completely.

To sign on to the HTPC from the laptop you need to know the computer network name. When you run the viewer software on the laptop you will enter the HTPC network name and the password you used in the server setup. That’s it a window of the HTPC desktop will appear on your laptop and you will have full control of the HTPC.

DMA reverts to PIO:
UDMA vs PIO - A CURE for the WinXP transfer mode failback “feature”
Digital Audio Delay Box: Felston DD540  http://www.felston.com/dd540/index.htm

 HDMI I/O card: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/intensity/

Cheap tuner: HDTV Receiver with HDMI Output Jack


To calculate the 4:3 diagonal from the 16:9 diagnal multiply by .82
WWW.ClevelandPlasma.com  —- http://highdefforum.com/showpost.php?p=38031&postcount=1

720p Direct View

Satellite Pointing:
http://www.juggling.org/bin/un.cgi/map-find Lat/Long finder

General HD info:

ATSC Formats

DVI Spec.
What is DVI? - A Guide to the Digital World

DVI Long Distance
http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/DVI_monitor_cables.html#hdtv (good connection info.)

SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator: http://www.speedguide.net/conversion.php

Video Cable Construction

Custom Timings for Power Strip

DVI Switch

FCC station info:
Station Logos:

Screen Goo - Wall coating for front projection

HDTV Overscan fixes - ISF Info
Nvidia’s new Forceware drivers cured it all. These drivers add Consumer electronic display support for DVI-based digital displays, such as widescreen plasma screens (CEA/EIA-861B) according to Nvidia’s website. There’s a nifty little program called NVKeystone I think in the download that allows you to adjust the screen size from corner to corner. I have my entire computer screen visible now. http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_61.77.html
How to calibrate a TV: http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/how2adj.html 

Center Speaker Shelf:

Under the FCC rules for HDTV Program System Information Protocol (PSIP)
all stations broadcasting an HDTV signal must embed a reference to the
original analog TV station. So on DTV receivers that meet the PSIP
standard, WTAE-DT channel 51 will report to the viewer’s onscreen channel
display as 4-1, since we are WTAE-TV channel 4. Our regular analog
channel would report as channel 4-0 on this type receiver. All other
broadcasters in the country must follow the same rules. So when the viewer
sees 4-1 he is in fact watching our HDTV Channel.
Build Your Own Projector

Pixel Straddling

DVD Info

Lip Sync

Aspect Ratio Discussions



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HOW to find free Mp3s on the web:

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” mp3

Okay, so let’s break this down. You are attempting to find directories,
so you don’t want a a Web page (hence the minus sign in front of both the
htm and html extensions). You’re looking for the root directory,
so that’s where the “index of” in the title (intitle) comes in.
And that mp3 file designation?
You can change that to any file you are wanting to look for: wma, pdf, etc.


Now, how about looking for specific artists? Easy:

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp3 “beethoven”

Make sure you put the artist’s name in quotes at the end of the search string.
Now, there’s another way to do this that might be a little bit easier;
you’re just changing the order of your search query around.

intitle:index.of + mp3 + “beethoven” -html -htm -txt

Basically, you’re doing the same thing that you did in the first search string.
You can narrow it down even further if you want to:

“index of” + intitle:mp3 + beethoven

All you’re doing here is looking for directories with MP3 in the title
and Beethoven.

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Converter box coupon: https://www.dtv2009.gov/


Programming: www.titantv.com  Antenna gain: http://www.hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/comparing.html


A 16-Bay UHF Antenna
A 32-Bay UHF Antenna

Antenna Info

http://www.fccinfo.com/cmdpro.php?PHPSESSID=e0744c943ab2d7512e97d18f72193c1a&New=New+Search Power Output

Amp vs. raising the antenna ……   Adding height does yield some improvements in signal quality, but consider this: you get 3db improvement for each 30′ of additional height you get (on average) A preamp with 24db gain has the net effect of raising your antenna an additional 240 feet. That isn’t exactly precise, since TV signals scatter above about 120′ and you would incur additional line losses in an additional 240′ of cable, but i think you get the idea. In a weak signal area, a preamp succeeds like nothing else, as long as it doesn’t overload and it doesn’t introduce too much noise into the system.



Broadcast Television Station Search
A great site for letting the reader know what stations are available to them in analog and/or digital. A bit more cumbersome to use than antennaweb.org, but far more useful for seing digital stations beyond 35 miles. You can use the site http://www.lyngsat.com/tracker/america.html to get the approximate Lat and Lon of your location. Use any satellite.

Antenna Installation Guide
This guide is often reprinted in other websites, but it remains the definitive how-to guide for installing an antenna. Very worthwhile!

HDTV Magazine - Broadcast HDTV Programming
Digital stations listed on a market-by market basis: useful for locating stations in suburban towns and outlying areas not identified by an FCC search.

Virtual GPS
A good site for determining the shortest distance between two municipalities.



Reassignment after analog cutoff.



The full table of “final” digital channel assignments is at:



The short list of potential changes is at:


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Fundamentals of Antennas.
http://www.kyes.com/antenna/rabbitear.html wave length table
http://www.hometech.com/learn/video1.html (distribution system losses)

FCC station info:
http://www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/tvq.html Coverage Query


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Use ffdshow and then configure it correctly. I recommend using these guides:



Use the “basic” configuration for ffdshow. .avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=719041

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