Antenna Info

Here are links to two Excel spreadsheets by the FCC that you can download and then sort by channel number columns and find out what stations are still on low band VHF channels:

Main list:…C-07-138A2.xls



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Programming: Antenna gain:

A 16-Bay UHF Antenna
A 32-Bay UHF Antenna
Antenna Info

Fundamentals of Antennas.
RADIATION PATTERNS wave length table (distribution system losses)

FCC station info:
DTV STATIONS IN OPERATION Coverage Query Power Output

Amp vs. raising the antenna …… Adding height does yield some improvements in signal quality, but consider this: you get 3db improvement for each 30′ of additional height you get (on average) A preamp with 24db gain has the net effect of raising your antenna an additional 240 feet. That isn’t exactly precise, since TV signals scatter above about 120′ and you would incur additional line losses in an additional 240′ of cable, but i think you get the idea. In a weak signal area, a preamp succeeds like nothing else, as long as it doesn’t overload and it doesn’t introduce too much noise into the system.

Broadcast Television Station Search
A great site for letting the reader know what stations are available to them in analog and/or digital. A bit more cumbersome to use than, but far more useful for seing digital stations beyond 35 miles. You can use the site to get the approximate Lat and Lon of your location. Use any satellite.
Antenna Installation Guide
This guide is often reprinted in other websites, but it remains the definitive how-to guide for installing an antenna. Very worthwhile!
HDTV Magazine - Broadcast HDTV Programming
Digital stations listed on a market-by market basis: useful for locating stations in suburban towns and outlying areas not identified by an FCC search.
Virtual GPS
A good site for determining the shortest distance between two municipalities.


Reassignment after analog cutoff.

The full table of “final” digital channel assignments is at:


The short list of potential changes is at:


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