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here’s an article I ran across on shoppers forum.. to stream media directly from a PC through ethernet. I take absolutely no responsibility for the following. I have heard that you need to boot from the USB stick which becomes a permanent addition to the device… I’m not sure and haven’t ventured this far yet… but I am dying to replace the backdrop and screen blanker soon… so I might get adventurous.

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Link and summary (not mine)


this is among the cheapest USB->Ethernet adapter solutions out there that I can now confirm works with the WDTV.


USD $16.97 delivered and works with your Wii too

My “special recipe” for getting it to work was installing the latest WDLXTV firmware from here. http://wiki.wdtv.org/doku.php?id=wdtv_web_interface

And then I downloaded the very easy to use WDTV webserver interface from here http://wiki.wdtv.org/doku.php?id=wdtv_web_interface and put it on a thumbdrive connected to the WDTV. I also connected the network adapter and booted the WDTV up.

At this point I was able to login to the WDTV’s IP address with my PC’s web browser and setup my shared media folders. Very simple and just plain worked. I can confirm 720p streaming without any issues.

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